What is a Computer Network?
A network is a group of interconnected nodes, or devices, that pass information between each other. The biggest example of a network is the internet.
Creating Easy File Backups
When it comes to your personal files, keeping current backups can be a life saver. Don't wait until tomorrow, make your file backups today!
How to Disable Quick Access on a slow computer
Microsoft introduced Quick Access to give users, like it’s name suggests, quick access to recently used files and frequent folders. The feature works great with a brand new computer; but after normal use, the list of recent documents grows and the access is no longer “quick”. In Windows 10 file explorer defaults to Quick Access instead of the traditional This PC when opened. So in this SweetByte we are going to take a look at how to disable Quick Access and set This PC as default.
What is a Computer?
We use them every day, but what exactly is a computer?
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