Best Practices

Some practices transcend devices and users. Let’s explore them together.

Stop Zoom Intruders With 5 Easy Settings
Learn how to secure your Zoom meetings from intruders and 'zoombombers' by securing your meetings. Stop the zoom intruders before they start.
5 Tips to Improve Your Zoom Meetings
Five tips to turn you into a Zoom Meeting Expert.
Managing Website Notifications
All the major web browsers have a built in notification manager for the allowing & blocking of website notifications.
Disable Annoying Notifications in Windows 10
If not for the sake of your sanity, do it for your productivity; disable those annoying notifications in Windows 10. A how to guide.
Creating Easy File Backups
When it comes to your personal files, keeping current backups can be a life saver. Don't wait until tomorrow, make your file backups today!
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