What Is…

Ever heard of a Domain Name Server? Let’s learn about technology, both old and new.

Addressing a Network
Learn how network addresses are used and the difference between a MAC address and an IP address.
The Switch: Connect all the Devices
The Switch connects all your devices onto a single network using packet switching. Packets are forwarded to the correct host using the MAC address.
The Router: Gateway To The World
The router, like it’s name implies, directs, or routes, data between networks and is one of the key components to any network, big or small.
What is a Computer Network?
A network is a group of interconnected nodes, or devices, that pass information between each other. The biggest example of a network is the internet.
Creating Easy File Backups
When it comes to your personal files, keeping current backups can be a life saver. Don't wait until tomorrow, make your file backups today!
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